ONIC Esports (Mobile Legends)

Jadwal M3 Mobile Legends Hari Ini Onic Esports vs Onic PH Siapa Lebih  Unggul?

ONIC Esports is an Indonesian esports organization that specializes in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. ONIC Esports has made a significant impact in the Mobile Legends competitive scene and has become one of the most successful teams in Southeast Asia.

ONIC Esports was founded in 2018 and quickly established itself as a strong contender in the Mobile Legends esports scene. The organization has fielded talented rosters and has been consistently competitive in various tournaments.

The team has had multiple achievements, including winning the MPL (Mobile Legends Professional League) and representing Indonesia in international competitions. They have participated in tournaments such as the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (M1) and the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC), showcasing their skills on the global stage.

ONIC Esports has garnered a dedicated fanbase in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia. Their performances and success have gained them a loyal following who support and cheer for the team during their matches.

The organization has also expanded into other esports titles, including Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire, further solidifying its presence in the esports industry.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, ONIC Esports has continued to be a prominent force in the Mobile Legends competitive scene. They have consistently fielded strong rosters, competed in prestigious tournaments, and achieved notable results. However, it’s important to stay updated with recent news and developments to have the most accurate and current information about ONIC Esports and their performances in Mobile Legends.

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